So, I just finished my first pedal, and for some reason I thought I could build a '77 DOD Gray model OD. Unfortunately, since it's my first time really soldering a bunch of parts, I would describe the workmanship as slipshod. Also, I feel like I just sort of connected everything and then jammed it into the tiny enclosure I purchased. So, there's 2 problems with it, and I was hoping someone might suggest possible areas on the board I might look towards to solve them:

1. There's no sound when the pedal isn't turned on.

2. When the pedal is one, the gain knob doesn't seem to affect the gain very much. It does affect it, but it's barely audible. I don't know if it's just the way the pedal's supposed to work, though.

So there it is. At least the paint job works, right? Thanks for any suggestions!