Anything you wanna trade, then?
Agile Ash RB 828
Schecter C-7 (old 90s style headstock)
Handbuilt 6-string V
Handbuilt Baritone scale 6 string Iceman-copy
Pod HD300
well actually if you click the link on my sig all of that stuff im trying to sell/trade so i would be willing to do that.
arg sorry for double post but i just thought of this. do you have any sound clips of the pedal?
Sound clips? I don't have anything to record with, sorry.
Agile Ash RB 828
Schecter C-7 (old 90s style headstock)
Handbuilt 6-string V
Handbuilt Baritone scale 6 string Iceman-copy
Pod HD300
i got a boss rv-5 i'd sell for $80 shipped
pm me if interested cause its on ebay as i type.
btw are you lookin to trade that kelly? if so for what? again, pm me.
I am looking to sell/trade.

In terms of trades i am just looking for the above mentioned pedals. This is everything im looking for, in order of importance.

godlyke power all
line 6 echo park
eq pedal
patch cables
tuner pedal

From my old thread
Quote by Chaosinborn
Jackson KE3 Kelly
This was bought on January of 05, it is a Jackson KE3 with the Crimson Swirl Paintjob. It is bolt-on, alder body, rosewood fretboard and jackson tremolo. The tremolo works great and stays in tune. It comes with 2 Duncan Designed pickups. This originally came with just one volume knob but i added a tone knob as well. Along with this comes the Jackson official molded hardshell case, which can no longer be obtained separately (you only get it if you buy the much more expensive ke2). I am looking for $300 for the guitar + hardshell case.


LK Ivey
Strat shaped. Gold hardware, licensed floyd rose. It has a natural satin finish, neckthru construction. The pickups are no names, however they are very good, and cut through with a very clear tone. This guitar includes a softshell gig bag. My asking price is $250


1x Set of
2 EMG 81s including easy clip wires, 2x battery clips and a dpdt 3 pole switch. This is for to have the option of 9 or 18v.
135 shipped and paypal

If you buy the emgs and either guitar you can make the emgs 100 shipped and pp'd (including stock pickups)
400 kelly + emgs
350 ivey + emgs

scratch the wanted part for the delay and reverb pedal.

I need a godlyke power all and patch cables