so microsoft made a program called "songsmith" that basicly put a background to your voice singing, depending of the gender the program decides you're trying to sing...

I know i suck at explaining... just watch this little gems i found in youtube:

songsmith decided that "Wonderwall" by oasis was better as a techno

and "Roxanne" by the police was better of as a cheap mariachi band

just classy classy stuff

justEDIT: this just gets better... theres a "hotel california" too in cheap techno version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itsT9zgWRoM&feature=channel
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this makes covering songs in different genres too easy/cheap
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Crazy Train...

Oh. My. Fucking. Everything.


I don't know if that constitutes a Rick Roll, but it is easily the worst of all.

That Crazy Train remix is ****ing hilarious.
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Lmao that Crazy Train one has got to be the best.
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Greatest discovery ever, TS.

Kudos. I haven't stopped laughing at them. Billy Idol, BLUEGRASS?!
Look at the quote in my sig for a funny comment on the Crazy Train remix.
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You can go ahead and sponge my bob.


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When you date a vegetarian, you're the only meat they'll ever eat.
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What in the world.
Microsoft fails so hard...

If people are talking about Microsoft they have not failed.
God those are "different"
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oh crap white wedding was bad...

Rick Astley's is an improvement
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Songsmith > Katy Perry


that was CLASS... sounds like an actual big band song... like it better than the original
where are they getting the vocal tracks for all these songs
the new version of Wonderwall is actually an improvement over the original.
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Not to spoil the fun too much, but you actually control the genre and the complexity of the chords and a few other elements, the program doesn't decide those things for you. If you hear a reggae version of breaking the law, it's because the person doing it decided to tell songsmith to make it reggae.