My friend's selling me a guitar body for $20, and he says it's a Dean "Eighty-Eight". I've never heard of this model, so I'm kinda debating it. I Googled it, and all I could find was a couple of posts on the Dean forums saying that it was made out of plywood which kinda scared me. I asked my friend if it was plywood, he claimed it wasn't... maybe they were plywood only after a certain point in production? I don't know... well anyway, I was wondering if I should buy it, because $20 just seems like too good a deal to pass up.... but on the other hand, if it's really plywood, wouldn't it sound ****ty? I don't know because I've never played a plywood electric guitar before. I already have an Epiphone Tony Iommi G-400, that's my only guitar right now.

dean made some plywood guitars, so i wouldn't be surprised. but at 20 bucks, who cares? do something artsy with it, or something
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I know it's a good deal, but I'm just scared of the plywood... seems like a gamble, especially since I'd have to buy a neck for it anyways... hmm....
I'll probably buy it. He's already selling me a locking trem system and a Dimarzio Super Distortion for like $60, so I may as well buy him out.
So, if I buy it, does anybody know by chance what necks would fit it? I doubt I could find an original neck for this thing.
look at warmoth parts, you might be able to buy a neck with a blank heel so you can measure in the bolt locations yourself

also, i didn't know if you were planning on it, but don't put the pickup and trem he's giving you on THIS guitar, being that it is likely plywood
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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
Yeah, I bought it, and it's plywood... or at least it definitely looks like plywood. I'm kind of a noob when it comes to wood, but I'm pretty sure it is. And actually, now I'm not certain what kind of pickup I bought either, it might be a Dimarzio SD, but it may not be. And the trem turned out to not be an OFR, but it looks/works just like one. Any way I could figure out what kind of pickup I have? No logo on it or anything.
i bought one of these the other day it seems kinda hard to find anything on the net about it..but from what i found it said maple..the guitar i have is too heavy for plywood..my frist guitar was a peavey that i later sanded down to put i custom paint job on it... later i found out it was plywood and threw it out...