Im think about getting a distortion pedal, but how do you actually use it? like what do you connect it to? do u need 2 cables??
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lol noob. You go from ur amp to ur pedals to ur guitar.
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BEFORE YOU DO: what amp do you have?

if it is really cheap, for the sake of UG, do not get a distortion pedal, it will make your amp sound REALLY REALLY bad

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Yes, you need a cable going from your guitar to the 'input' of the pedal and a cable going from the 'output' of the pedal to the 'input' of the amp. Then you need to turn the amp on and activate the pedal and go WOWOWOWO and then realize that you have the feedback and delay amounts set to maximum and it makes this HISSSWOWIHSOWIHSOWIHSWOISH noise and the guy at Guitar Center goes, "turn it off," and you go, "no ****, I'm trying," and then you realize that the holes were mislabeled and you were really using a Space Echo instead of the one labeled for DD-20, but before you realized that you turn off every knob on everything, unplug the guitar and run away.
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If you buy a pedal, then you'll need two stereo cables. One from guitar to pedal, then from pedal to amp.

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Was that so hard Pit members???

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