Yeah if you could take anyone's spot in a band who would it be?

And keep it kinda realistic


I would take Tymon's spot from Cynic because I play guitar +growl.
i don't know if id want to replace anyone. i really wanna just JOIN some groups, tho
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I love cynic/Tymon too. Don't worry.

Okay then.

I'd replace Kirk Hammett in Metallica, he really needs to take out the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Imagine if they didn't use the waaa, maybe they would make better solos and better song structures but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
To be honest, I would take up that Sykes kid from Bring Me The Horizon. Not because they are a "sooper br00tal" band or anything, but so I could rid the world of yet another singer who screams his head off.

Then I would slowly transition the band to play death metal.
Anyone from Green Day or some pop rock band. Getting paid millions for playing 4 power chords
i would probably take over guitar and vocals for either the sword or early man. that way the boots would be kind of big, but still manageable since neither of them have really completely made it yet.
on the brink of extinction.
I'd replace lars ulrich. 'Cause even though I'm not a drummer by instrument, I can keep a double bass going steadily. Plus, I can actually play drums.
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