YOU WILL NOT GET RICKROLLED. This has to do with the concept though.

I noticed that after getting RickRoll'd so much I am starting to get memories when I listen to the song. I think of last summer and all the good times I had then, and I am even getting memories from being a kid in the 90's. I am even actually starting to like the song a little bit, it is freaking weird.

Is it just me or is this happening to other people as well?

Now I am almost wanting to get RickRoll'd.
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you sir, are just an idiot.
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that'd be slightly creepy if i didn't find it so amusing.
it's a damn catchy song.
out of topic but my friend can do the dance the black guy in the bar does.... nice
out of topic but my friend can do the dance the black guy in the bar does.... nice

You mean including the crazy fence jump? Get him on youtube!
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I am the mistress of ManWithoutAHat . This pleases me.
It's catchy, whatchagonnado?
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i got rick rolld so much i no the all the words now=(i actually like it and my friends r like ?????
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