Hey guys, my band are kinda up on the metal lately and i wanted to know if theres any ideas of good metal fills. I like to learn the fill and then tweak it to my own fill and were lacking heavily on intro fills. I know disturbed has good ones but any u guys got suggestions?
what techniques do you know? you could probably sweep a few arpeggios or pick some 3-note-per-string stuff
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Oh god - you said Disturbed is metal....

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If you're lookin for RIFFS, check out Ill Niño's "This Is War", "Compulsion of Virus and Fever", and "Alibi of Tyrants."

In Flames is a good place to start too - "System" and "Drifter" are two of my favorites to play.
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I would say something like the fill in Crazy Train by Ozzy, or the intro/solo to Jump In the Fire by Metallica. Just tweak it with a harmonic minor or natural minor scale, or add some pinch harmonics and it'll sound pretty metal. Or do what "guitarsftw" said and play two or three sweeps.