you got all the notes, but add some rawness, really get into it. you look like you're bored!
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enjoyed it man. Thought the wah was just a bit much though, and it was sloppy at parts, but overall really good.
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nailed the tone
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You really need to work on your rhythm, to my ears, there was a lot of unnecessary hesitation. Some of your phrases sound muddled up in the middle, and some don't quite end with what I'd consider to be a graceful denouement.

Little Wing is really one of those songs that you really have to kick the **** out of to be considered 'Good' IMHO. Pretty solid cover, but it's the sort of track you literally cannot get out of Hendrix's shadow.
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Anything is possible with music which is sooo awesome

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I just learn the formula, apply it to a key, and use said notes on fretboard. Why? Cuz I'm not a pussy.