maybe because the main language spoken in Ireland is English?

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For the same reason Bono and U2 do.
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Perhaps because Irish isn't a language? (not counting Irish Gaelic, if that's even a language...)
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have you listened to music before?

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have you listened to music before?

I've got 6,595 songs on my computer... i think i have...
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For the same reason Bono and U2 do.

And Van Morrison.
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How can society really be this disabled?

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obvious troll is obvious

this can not possibly be for real.
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I know it's probably a troll, but being the token CR mick, I'll bite...

In our constitution it states that Irish is our first language. However the literacy rate is very poor and most of us only have English. A lot of people can't even sing the national anthem.

We're required to study it in school. However, there's arguments that the lessons don't teach it with practical a application in mind.

There are places where it's spoken exclusively (Gaeltacht) and some of us go there to improve language skills. Most, if not all, Gaeltacht residents speak English fluently.

We have tv in Irish. That includes original comedy and drama and stuff that we get over-dubbed (South Park is Irish is weird by the way).

I don't think Phil Lynott had very much Irish, considering how little he cared about school. He had a very strong love for old Celtic stories though and that influenced his lyrics ie:Róisín Dubh (Black Rose)

In short: Most Irish people can only speak English.
Our music wouldn't get global recognition if we didn't sing in English.

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why does Thin Lizzy sing in english if they are from ireland
I think Enya is about the only Irish artist to have had mainstream hits with songs in Gaelic.

Troll possibly?
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Because American seems like the easiest to write songs in.


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