That looked ****ing amazing. I want to watch that movie. Donuts...Don't wear alligator shoes....
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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<img src="http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z72/tankengine1990_2007/Myspace/479471065lct3.gif">
Looks nice!
Sunn O))):
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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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My hamster used to bite me when I picked it up, then it got too old and fat to bite and died in a pool of it's own vomit.

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That's the rockstar way to go. I salute him.
When will it be released? I want to see that
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This is Germany we're talking about.


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Thanks alot. When i read the first sentence, i dont know why, but i laughed in the middle of my first class at tech school. You sir have made me look like a fool for the first and last time
I'm not sure when it's coming out but it looks like the greatest thing ever put to film.
<img src="http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z72/tankengine1990_2007/Myspace/479471065lct3.gif">