It's that time of year again,the school talent shows are coming up! Unfortunately, my financially unfortunate school has no auditorium. Which is why the talent show is in the gym.

The thing I'm worried about is, the gymnasium is an echoplex. I'm hoping with all the people in there, it wont be so bad, but I'm not crossing my fingers. What are some things to do get the best quality sound? I'm not micing my amp up, as it's plenty loud. Should I put the amp on a chair off thee floor, should I boost treble or bass, any tips are appreciated
ive heard music in a gym before. it sounds terrible. good luck though.
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Turn down the reverb? I don't know sorry... maybe go along really early for a sound check, or perhaps a few days before the show just to find out what you're in for acoustically.
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well...i play in a gym everyweek for gigs but im usually miced up to large speakers. But if your not doing that....either way u slice it, its not gonna sound great...sorry. all i can say is no reverb or echo or any crap like that. theres already plenty haha
Make sure your singers mic is audible.

Most of the shows Ive heard in gyms you cant hear any singing whatsoever, not sure why
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Do a sound test before playing.
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I'm not exactly an expert in acoustics, but I'd guess letting up on the treble and touching up the bass a little bit would sound a little better.

And if you have any reverb/chorus on at all, turn it the hell off.
Don't scoop mids? That's about all i can say about it. Make sure you have a clear sound and also turn the distortion down abit. Putting loads of distortion on can cloud your sound in a live performance so ease off on the gain and make sure your have a clear sound that isnt muddy or scooped.
I will do my best to arrange a soundcheck. I definitely won't be using any effects. Does anyone reckon to elevate the amp, or keep it grounded?
yeah, uve played in gyms before and all i can say is that with chorus and reverb it makes your guitar sound like the delorean in back to the future.
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I will do my best to arrange a soundcheck. I definitely won't be using any effects. Does anyone reckon to elevate the amp, or keep it grounded?

if its off the floor it will be less bassy , but all rooms have different acoustics so only one way to find out. Go play there as a soundcheck.
elevate the amp, just so it has more cut and you'll a better monitor for yourself since your not being mic'ed.
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our school has an audi-gym. it's like a gym and auditorium rolled into one. since i belong to the school band, we play for the school at least once a month.

to get quality sound, we always have our sound check before any performance. i guess that's the best way to do it. my tip is just go to school early then play a bit and set your amps to your desired sound.

good luck!
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Do a sound test before playing.
this. Sound check, lots of amp tinkering, and just hope for the best, because even if everything works during the sound check, there's really no guarantee that you'll be fine during the actual performance.
Boost the mids, and add some treble and remove some of the bass, then make sure your amp isnt on the floor. Its best to get in to the venue beforehand to do a soundcheck, i cant really help you if i dont know what shape the venue is
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