just got my first guitar back in december and i have some questions, some of which may be obvious, but like i said im kinda new. so...

1. whats a good method to use so i can pluck the strings with all my fingers? (i know practice is one way but im wondering if there are other ways to get good at it.)

2. is it possible to change some physical features of the bass like headstock or the neck?

3. should i get a teacher or should i stick to teaching myself? i already know a little bit like scales and that kind of stuff so yeah...

many thanks in advance
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1. All i know to say is practice
2. Neck if its bolt on, but thats about all i can say, dont think its somthing you wanna do yourself for a while.headstock not that i know of
3. I'm self taught so i would say teach yourself, not that hard with access to the internet
!. My best suggestion is to listen to bass players who use their fingers. Put your thumb on the pickups. Use either your index and middle fingers or your index and middle/ring finger. By this I mean the middle/ring fingers go at the same time and occasionally letting either the middle or ring finger attack the string either before or after, if that makes any sense. Even when you're not playing, let your fingers do that throughout the day. Who cares if people think of you as the guy who rubs on his nipples while he listens to music.

2. Yeah bolt on necks you can change, but that is only if you are anal retentive and wanting to spend lots of money. My suggestion, wait until you get better, and get a new bass like the one you want, and rebuild your old one. That's what I want to do with my old crappy squire, but don't feel like spending claploads of money. You can change the tuning gears or the pickguard.

3. Learn as many scales as you can, some teachers may be counter productive, sometimes not. Again it depends if you want to spend the money. I took some lessons and it was a waste of money, I stopped after 2 weeks and pretty much learned everything else by myself. People call me a beast and I just call myself cocky.

but again, do what you want, that always seems to work best.
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Do you mean all the fingers on your fretting hand or your picking hand?

You don't need all your fingers on the picking hand as a beginner and probably never.

F or fretting you should have a spider pattern built into your warm up to strengthen youer weaker fingers. I simply play frets 1-4 on all four strings and then when i reach 4th on the G slide up to 5and play 5432 until I get back to 2 on the E then slide up to 3 repeat this until you have worked your way right up the neck. Ideally do this to a metronome or drum machine. When I started this hurt like hell and I could only do it once. Now it is smoother faster and I can go on for longer than it takes to get bored.

Nearly every bassist has an exercise like this and there are plenty in the lessons section.