If anyone on the forum knows how to operate this interface with guitar, please help;

FIRST; All i want to do, is record my guitar music onto my computer.

I have my guitar plugged into the line2 hole.
The Impedance switch is pressed down.
The Line knob is up
The volume knob on my guitar is up

But when I play a note on my guitar, there is NO green light on the Input 2.

What is going on?

SECOND; do i need to have speakers plugged into the machine in order to hear what I play?

If so, how do I plug my speakers jacks into the interface? I'm sure they are not 1/4" big. Do I need to buy adaptors?

Or is the USB cable good enough?

THIRD; How do i get cubase LE 4 to work? I have NO idea what to do to set up a SIMPLE recording.

FOURTH; How could I integrate one of the guitar combos (Plexi Combo) with Cubase? Does VST Plug in apply here? I'm not even sure what VST Plug-Ins are or what they do.

All i want to do is record, i dont know any technology jargon, so please explain very carefully and in simple terms please.