So... PIT!!!! I need some advice from fellow musicians....

I have never been in a band before. Keep it in mind throughout this thread. A little coincidence just popped up, my closest friend had just asked me to join in a band with him. He is by far the most talented musician I have met until this day, and our ears are very much similar. We both like the same music.... same bands... you get the idea, everything is the same. I have been playing a little over one year and can do only as much as time allows me to, and hes been playing about 10 years and can do anythign. He just recorded a FULL album, he played the guitars, bass, drums, everythign, his music is amazing to me... He asked me to start a band with him, but I have a few issues i'd liek you guys to read and give me your opinions.

- I've never played on stage, hes been in an endless amount of bands and gigs.
- The music is VERY fast, as most metal is, and it is still difficult for my fingers, but I am sure I can learn it quickly
- The biggest problem I see is that this band will start playing this album and I'm gonna feel like I havent contributed anything and not like it. I have another friend that wants to start a band with me, and we make music together, and it sounds good, but starts to drift from my metal genre. The only thing I can see that I will add is the lyrics to the music and the vocals as well, kind of my point of differnce but it is something I will need to work very hard on, cus ive never done either before

What do you guys think, go with the good guitarist and play his music and also be somewhat intimidated? Or go with the guitarist at my level and maybe make music that I wont be crazy about....

I know I threw a lot of information in a disorganized manner, but try to make sense of it all and understand my situation. THANKS UG
Well, the guy who has already recorded his album has a head start. Maybe you could help contribute to his next album?

But maybe if you want to get some experience first you could put that band off and instead play with your other friend for a while just to get the hang of things.

Either way, Bandleading forum.
I would go with the experienced musician.

First, he can teach you a WHOLE lot about everything from playing the guitar to how to write songs to recording them.

Obviously, he doesn't mind you being inexperienced as otherwise he wouldn't have asked you to join a band with him.

As for the album, don't worry about it. Sure, you didn't write the music, but you will be playing it, and thus contributing to the sound.
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Dude, if youre in a band with someone better than you, you'll learn soooo fast. so do that.

Unbelievably true.
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lets face it, pretty much everyone wants to be a rockstar. i do, ide go with experience, he will teach you alot.

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This guy wants you in his band because you are his friend. But, he's not going to sacrifice the quality of his band just to give you a spot. He obviously sees more potential in you than you do. Just be willing to learn from it and be thankful you get to make music with your friend. Nothing beats that.

As far as your contribution goes... your time will come.