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so inspired by that last thread on hell that failed, i was inspired to create another one.

What would your personal hell be? if you're sent down to suffer for eternity, what do you think Satan would have personally planned for YOU?

For me, bees (my biggest fear) would be unleashed on me and i would have to run from them in a never ending tunnel for eternity, never being able to lose them (long distance running is my weakness ).

So what do you guys think would be the Hell for you?
Hell is my heaven.
I'm my world, heaven is Hell.
God is the one who lost.

So anyway, It'd probably being stuck at My Chemical Romance concert in a mosh pit surrounded by emo wanna-be moshers.
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I would be zapped with a mild shock every time I had a tic.
(See user title)

And I'd probably be forced to listen to the radio all day.

And other things that would be much worse that I don't feel like thinking about.
He'd give me 10 dollars every week for allowance, but never let me spend it on the ding ding man. He'd only limit me to putting it in my piggy bank shaped like the devil himself.

That's what my hell would be like, yeah yeah.
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My personal hell would be realizing that hell is real, despite the mountain of logical fallacy that contradicts its existence.


But...not possible, so no worries.

Or we're in hell right now and death is the only release you're ever going to get...

be in the top of a really high place with lots of spiders on the floor
Spiders... *Shudders* lots of spiders...

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Being rick rolled over and over with my head forced to watch the video for eternity.

Now THAT'S hell.
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My personal Hell would be having to hang out with TS for eternity!

But on a more serious note probaly alot of sufocating, sharp stuff in my eyes, and messing with my finger and toenails.
one million children playing "Hot Cross Buns" on recorder for all eternity
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one million children playing "Hot Cross Buns" on recorder for all eternity

Satan and his demons would be Teletubbies and Gumby gangsta rapping while shoving pineapples up my ass for all eternity.
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stuck alone, out in the cold, isolated and freezing. This while constant images of my loved ones being punished were forced into my head.

being in a plane with turbulence.
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Well, as a Christian, I don't think I'll be going to hell but, if I did:

My akles would be broken to where I would be standing on the sides of my feet (the balls of my feet are facing outward) and forced to run on said broken ankles from the horde of flesh eating array of insects I can barely stay ahead of. Finally, after they've caught me, they would slowly devour my skin, until I am a bloody mess with all my muscles and organs exposed. Then, a Demon would hoist me up by arms, strip the muscles of my arms and legs, force me to eat it and then drop me, crushing my ankles even further and snapping my wrists. Then, they would place a new breed of spider (unlike anything here on earth) which would lay eggs inside my chest and brain that would immediately hatch and begin to slowly, yet incredibly painfully kill me.

Then, when all of this is said and done, it would start all over again..... for all eternity
Probably being suspended 500 feet in the air while being devoured by a supermassive black moth. And I'm not feeling particularly creative today

I don't know what you guys are so worried about....
I died when I was seven and I've been living here, in Hell, ever since
I believe in reincarnation so I guess hell for me would be reincarnating as someone who is destined to live a life full of series of unfortunate events
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Having to relive the last 7 months repeatedly.
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my personal hell would probably be one in which i was unaware that i was dead, and was trapped in a room full of ignorant atheists and ignorant theists arguing about the existence and nonexistence of hell and an afterlife.
Forced to wade through a pool of -1pH acid to get to dry land, once reaching that land, I fall over into a bed of needles, each needle being coated with very fine salt, making the pain greater. I proceed to be lifted onto a table and have my hands sawn off with a serrated blade, one of my eyes scratched away by very abrasive sand paper.

Force fed decaying meat, having my stomach cut open and having feral animals eat out of it, acid poured on my genitals, then castrated. Having my scalp removed by rusty blade, then burning my body slowly.

Rinse and repeat.
Showing images of loved ones being killed repetitively. I would be then punctured with stakes through my limbs and forcibly dragging wood across my fingers till my nails are completely torn away. Then starting at the tips of my toes, having a tiny bit of my body cut off by use of a wire (Audition like). Each cross section being only a CM apart from another until you reached my knees. Then From my knees up I would be belt sanded until I had no legs. Then, with a mace like object, smashing my package until it becomes a bloody mess. Then the stakes would be removed from my arms. Then my arms would be pulled away till dislocation. Then twisted above my head until the bones break into a powder. Then they would be pulled off after an incision was made at the shoulders. My midsection would be slowly cut open with a swinging blade pendulum (Saw). At about half way through, I would be crushed flat into a bloody pulp. Them my jaw would be forcibly pulled down until it is completely removed. I would be scalped. Wen it's all finished My head would be left to burn in a furnace for ever.
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I would be trapped inside Guitar Center forever *shudder*
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my personal hell would probably be one in which i was unaware that i was dead, and was trapped in a room full of ignorant atheists and ignorant theists arguing about the existence and nonexistence of hell and an afterlife.

Hahaha I think you may be onto something.
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tid up and being tickled and cant do anything about it lol
Darkness - Or just to be blind. That would be absolutely horrifing. I HATE not being able to see stuff. Or the lose to ability to comprehend stuff. Or lose originality.

Ah gawd.

Or having to listen to Boxxy all day.
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Dream Hell: Welcome by the sounds of Metallica and Slayer. Tons of beer and fire.Dimebag wailing away and everyone I hate is not there.

Scary hell: Jonas Brother...enough said.
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snakes, spiders, no UG or ze womens

or watching the movie babylon AD again. Pure Hell.
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