ok i play punk and metal music. and i want a ibanez guitar. i have $500. so any suggestions on what one i should get?
first off, do u know how to play?
if u don't u shouldn't be spending $500 on guitar alone.I've been palaying for about 2 years and i just bought my 2nd for $400.

I own an rg 120,which only costs $200, and an sg. i love both of them but the rg120 was my first and i have a soft spot for it. I t doesnt sound as good as the sg overall, but when you get into heavier genre like punk and especially metal it shines. The tone isn't the gratest for other genres tho. If your main focus is metal and punk check ibanez's rg series for sure.

side note: go to the shop and play some guitars before u buy anything!
Yes, an RG would probably be the most suitable for you, but it would be much more beneficial for you to go to a music store in person and try out a few guitars, rather than take advice from random Internet forum users.