ESP LTD Alexi-600 Alexi Laiho Signature Electric Guitar Features:

Neck-thru-body construction
25.5" scale
Alder body
3-piece maple neck
Ebony fingerboard
Sawtooth inlays
Volume control
Black nickel hardware
Grover tuners
Original Floyd Rose bridge
24 extra jumbo frets

This is the White model, with the solid black stripes. I bought it a while ago but I rarely play it because my taste in music and what I like to play has changed a bit.

Everything on it is in great condition except on the larger wing there is a chip and finish crack that happened during packing when I bought it from someone. I have taken a very detailed picture up close with bright flash. I purposely want you to see the blemish at its worst so you are not surprised when you get it but keep in mind that the chip is a little less than 1/2 cm wide and in regular light it is less noticeable. It has a tiny bit of paint filling in the chip and it would be really easy to fix but I am not feeling patient.


$700 plus shipping

If you have any questions please let me know, and I can take pictures of anything else on the guitar you would like to see.

For trades I am looking for an Orange AD5, Dr. Scientist Radical Red Reverb, Freakshow Brown Rabbit.

Also looking for delay or other trades, just let me know what you have and I'll consider it.
Price change to $650, I need to move this guitar.
i would be interested but i live in the UK

so the shipping would be a bastard
I shouldn't post when drunk..

15 Jackson SLATHX-m 3-7 Slime green
Squier std tele (modded to hell)

Engl Powerball
Laney Ironheart 60h
Zilla Superfatboy 2x12 v30's

Lock this thread please, guitar has been traded.