Just post a random site that you go on.

Oh yeah, when you post a link, please include a short description of what it is so people know. That would be great. Also, please keep in mind that all sites should be appropriate for UGT. We need to think of our younger members.
tAp CaPs Is CrUiSe CoNtRoL fOr CoOl.


THE ASTRAL PANDA σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


OMG you are like sooooo random...and I bet you like all types of music and <3 all of your friends like sooooo much.

Get it?
I'll play

It's a website filled with awesomeness. The forum rocks, Photoshop Phriday is great, as is Cmedy Goldmine. A bunch of other goodies as well.
ThE "OFfiCiAl"RaNdOm SiTeS" ThReAd

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Totally awesome, I love you.

Have my children.