okay, heres the situation. i have AUD$1500 which is roughly USD$1100, im buying a new guitar and i've tried out the maton ms2000 STD (standard, not sexually transmited disease ) which i absolutely love. the retail on it is AUD$2000 and i've been offered $1400 NEW so its a great deal obviously.

I'm asking what are the other guitars that are excellent for the price tag around the AUD$1500 mark because its a large amount of money and i wouldn't want to make the wrong choice.

Don't get me wrong i love the maton and honestly can't imagine a better priced guitar seeing as its made right here in australia, as all the american imported guitars cos a **** load due to shipping and what-not.

Buying an amp is out of the question because i love my tiny terror and only recently got it (january)

I play mainly bluesy, Queens of the Stone Age, clean metallica stuff occasionly the heavy stuff although thats not the tone i aim for. I love santana's tone in the song smooth (which i can achieve pretty much with a ge-7 EQ pedal with my TT and the maton)

thanks guys
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