Did this a while ago and decided i posted it. I did everything in the cover cept for drums which i used drum machine for. I recorded it with BR-600. I just really want crit on the instrumental stuff. I did do they vocals but they were mainly done to fill out the parts that would be kinda boring without them. I know i didn't use wah on the solo but i really didn't feel like getting it set up cause I did this kinda quickly. thanks for the crits and btw im 14 so as you probs noticed my voice is kinda screwed up.

I miss those puberty years.

Anyway... the drums and bass tracks are too low, the rhythm guitar need a little less bass frequencies... On the actual playing, i notice that you have some problems with tempo on the solo, particularly at the beginning of the fast part where you seem to keep falling behind. Also, the lead part after the guitar solo doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the song and sounds like nonsense wankery to be honest.

Even then i enjoyed it.

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thanks this is my first time recording an actual song so to say so it was kinda tough but thanks for the crit

and also the last part is nonsense wankery, i didn't feel like learning the outro solo so wtv ya know
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I'd say that the guitar is slightly too distorted, and gives the song a kinda 'squeaky' touch.
Also the bass in the beginning sounds a little untight.

As evening_crow said the drums are slightly too low, but nothing bothering that much.
The vocals are kindof in the way. I know you said not to bother, but some 'wails' are slightly bothering. But they do cover up empty parts.

Really well played in the guitar solo, slight misses. But not too noticeable.
The ending is slightly off as well, but it could be in the song too, only a little overdone. Keep it slightly lower next time and it'll be great ;D

I'd give you 4/5.

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Lead guitar is aweful, reverb and bridge pickup mabey? Rythm was also to heavy, made the whole track extreamly messy. Keep trying.
: )
i liked the tone on lead quite a bit better than the rhythm, mostly because it sounds like the rhythm is too distorted for strumming the actual chords. If you're going to go that heavy on distortion, I suggested power chords to keep it a bit tighter. And I agree, the drum track is a bit too quiet. And I hate using age as a factor but you do well for a 14 year old, and I admire you trying out the vox, it's way better to give it a go and get more confident in yourself than to be too reserved about it. Also, watch for clipping. The solo was a bright spot, except for the faster parts, where you (understandably) can't quite keep up. Anyways, keep trying, this is definitely a good start for recording. Crit mine?