Please help yesterday was 3 months since i changed my strings so i bought stagg nickel strings Regular gauge(my old ones were LT gauge the most soft ones). After i put the new ones and tune them they sounded so metalic just cant stand'em plus every string sounds how it wish and tunes as fast as ..... . I think today to buy new ones.

So my question is that the problem with the string is from the gauge or from the string ?
And what stings shall i buy? by the way i play Fender strat
Have you stretched them enough?

Also, I've once put on EB-slinkies on my guitar, instead of D'Addario's of the same gauge, and I couldn't stand them, and detuned if you even so much at looked at it funny. Other people have had no problems with it, so it's probably to do with the fact that the guitar was completely out of balance due to different string-pull. So nothing but D'Add's for me.
I actually like Ernie Ball Strings. Once they get stretched out, they sound and feel amazing to me. Much better than the GHS and Dunlop strings I've used.