firstly this isn't in the gaming thread because i dont find looking through xx amount of pages untill i find something good appealing. Also i'd like the whole of the pit to see this, not just the few who look into the gaming thread.

I play games only on the PC and as i have just finished bioshock and assassins creed (both great games, bioshock is missing a few things i'd have liked to see but anyways thats a story for the gaming thread) i'd like to play an RPG.

One that is more adult/mature with swearing maybe sex etc. like in the witcher, something fun, and non-linear (you can choose to take different paths) and moral choices would be fun, as always. I couldnt care less if its seen as a buggy game(eg Hellgate: London), that never bothers me. Also with a bit of originality to it, what comes to mind if Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines (excellent game, i've played and finished it).

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fallout 2? i duno, that kept me busy for years
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what about THE game
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warhammer 2 ?
or wait for diabolo 3
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Dragon Age Origins is coming out later this year. Its looking really good from what i've seen.

Edit: There's Mass effect which has alternative and moral choices which effect and change the story. Though its slightly different from what your looking for id also check out Mount and Blade, its combat system is extremely fun
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fallout 3.

+1 Except it doesn't work well on vista.

But thats my fault for having vista


I'd say Morrowind and Oblivion as well.
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