ok I got an issue with an sql command...

it's about an online movie database

I need to show the first and last name from online customers that rented a movie in june 2007, the small catch is that I also need to show the country.

unfortunatly, the database is quite a mess...
first_name, last_name and ip_address can be found in "customer", with the ip adress I can check if they rented something in "online_order" and now I need to check for the country in "online_customer"... which I can check with the ip adress...

heres the actual question:

how do I select a value from "online_customer" when my select command allready has 2 values which are in "customer".

heres what I got allready (shows first and last name from people who rented a movie then)

SELECT first_name, last_name
FROM customer
WHERE ip_address
IN (
SELECT ip_address
FROM online_order
WHERE order_date LIKE "2007-06-__"
ORDER BY `customer`.`first_name` ASC

I hope anyone can help me with this cuz i'm a bit stuck :p


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