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Okay, I have always read these forums but never particapated in them. I need your input on this I have been toying with the idea of getting a muti fx unit for quite sometime.
First I will tell you the basic info that I see frequently having to be yanked out of people.
Style:Ambiant(think, U2), Blues(Think, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page), And metal and screamo(Think, As I lay Dying, August Burns Red, Norma Jean, Chiodos, Metalica, and Pantera. okay I am little more on the heavy side but I like to play the other stuff too.
Equipment:Fender (MIM) fat Strat, Peavey Classic 30, Blues Driver and a tube Screamer

Okay ,now to get to my question. Would it be better to try to get more individual pedals or get a multi FX
The units I have looked at and been interested in are The Boss ME-70 or 50
and if it would not kill my tone a Line 6 podxt/X3 or a Boss GT-10
I play live at least once a week if not more so it needs to hold up.

P>S: The effects that mean the most(In order greatest to least) are the od/ds, Wah/Volume, Delay, Looper(for practice mostly),Chrous (it has to have a tuner, No brainer ,thats not a effect)then hopefully some other usefull toys for when I feel experimental.
P>S/P>S: sry for being so lenghty hopefully you get what I was trying to convey and can help me.(Please)
If you have the money go for individuals if you don't.. well go multi
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I started off with Multi Effects pedal and was a great way to start out. I got a Digitech RP250 for $150. Considering $150 is about the average price for a good single pedal it made sense at that time with that budget.

You have a nice guitar and amp. I'm not sure how good a multi-effects pedal will sound through a Classic 30. My guess is that you would need to spend $400+ on a good Multi pedal so if that is the case, I would focus on...

Individual Pedals.
If you really don't know what you want, try an inexpensive multi-fx.

I used multi-fx to find out which effects I liked and which I did not, and it helped tremendously.