I was just looking at Freepower's thread stating that it's disadvantageous to anchor any part of your picking hand. I usually rest my hand on the bridge, but it does make sense that not having my picking hand free would hinder my playing.

So for the last hour or two I've been playing without my hand resting on the bridge, but it feels awkward. I feel like my lower fingers are weighing me down or just getting in the way.

Is the proper technique with what you're supposed to do with the fingers that aren't holding the pick?
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It takes a lot more than just an hour to regain control. When I stopped anchoring I had to play extremely slowly just to keep the tempo. It takes time.

You should also try and curl your unused fingers into a loose fist, but I don't think its that important.
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For some reason it was really easy for me to stop anchoring, I just lifted my hand and it was done.

You are probably anchoring much worse than I was though.
It can take a good week to get used to they say.
Keep in mind that it's okay if your hand/fingers are touching the guitar when you play. Many people think that when they stop anchoring it means they must stop touching the guitar with any part of their hand, it's not true, and playing with your entire hand floating inches off the guitar is in most cases supremely awkward.

Try this instead. Put your hand in the exact position that it'd be in when you're normally anchoring, and then lift it to the point where it's still touching the bridge of your guitar but not actually putting any pressure on it. Then slowly work through any practice routines or scales or anything of that nature paying special attention to completely avoid any downward pressure on the guitar.

This way your hand is no longer anchoring, and your hand will be free to move about, while avoiding having to completely retool your current technique.
Just keep practicing. It took me about a week to get good without resting my wrist on the bridge.