I have a marshall JCM 2000 DSL 201, and I know the eq settings (mid ,bass, treb.)I must use on that amp for that tone. but the master volume ,gain and od volume i allways must find out, anybody knows ?? the rig i use is:

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dude, it's your amp. Fiddle around with the EQ.

or check out the Ultimate settings thread
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Turn it up. Loud.

Yep-Power tube distortion is what you want here.
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If you're going for an Appetite for Destruction tone you'll want to get rid of those pedals. Just use the guitar straight to the amp to start with and try to get it as close as possible. If you can't get it quite right then throw the EQ in and fine tune it.
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You have all that stuff and you haven't learned how to use your ears yet?

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The ultimate settings thread doesn't really help unless you the artists exact gear.

I'd describe his sound as "high treble, mid-high gain, normal bass level, mid-level mids and the neck pickup for solos".
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on topic:

crank the beast and take her from there..... i find the DSL gets a little on the trebly side when its turned up, so just adjust it, and you should be fine.
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