Just saw C.W. live at the Zoo and thought "hey I'll post in the C.W. Stoneking thread" but there isn't one so I made this.

I did find a thread where he's recommended in the list of Australian blues but he really deserves his own thread.

He's an incredible blues player who sounds like he was from the 1920's. Between and during songs he strikes up conversation and he has a wailing blues howl. He plays Dobro guitar and tenor banjo

Heres his myspace you can buy his cds and merchandise off it. http://www.myspace.com/cwstoneking

I was really impressed with his show as he's a great showman and storyteller.
sorry for the massive wall of text but he is something to rave about.
Just got tickets for a Manchester gig in February, cant wait! Hope he get some new material out soon though... Maybe next year?