These are going to be the terror twins. I have the 2550 but I don't have the 1527 yet.
They have the exact same finish

I looked at my 2550 today and realized how ugly it was in certain lighting. I need to make it more attractive. I also want the 1527 to match. I'm looking for ideas for pickguards, knobs, pickup colors, switch colors. Dimarzio only makes 7-string pickups in black, white, green and yellow which makes things a little harder since I hate green and yellow most of the time. Purple is also my favorite color. I was thinking of getting purple knobs and pickup switches for both of them. I was thinking about getting a black pickup in the bridge and a white one in the neck for 1527. I would probably do the same for the 2550 with a white middle pickup. Now here's the important part. I NEED to change the pickguard on the 2550. I can't convince myself that it's looks good anymore. I'm going to get a pickguard from here Pickguard Paradise (http://www.pickguardparadise.com/mirror.html). I was thinking of getting mirror bronze to accentuate the gold flake finish. Or maybe mirror purple to go with the whole purple theme. Maybe even mirror lite blue or pink just to be wild and crazy. I'm open to any suggestions you guys may have.