Okay well my 13th birthday is today and this morning I got $100 from my parents and $20 from my sister and all of my relatives are coming over later so I will have enough money. Do you guys think it would be a good investment, if not what would you recommend?
mate try it out! have a good shop around! see what YOU like, and get it, the hell with what anyone thinks!
Just buy a regular Crybaby or a Rocktron tri-wah , not worth the extra cash just beacause it says Slash on the side.
It's not really an investment as it's not going to increase in value...

But as a tool to shape your sound yeah it's pretty good. Also check out the Zakk Wylde Wah.
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i'm after a wah pedal atm too and everywhere ive been so far say that your better off getting a regular crybaby instead of the slash one as the name doesnt deserve the additional money... but its definately worth playing as many as possible... my friend just bought the dimebag wah which is pretty good as well... give it a go
crybaby is the best wah you can buy
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the slash one sounds different then the other models i find it has more midrange, try a few different crybabys out and pick the best one ot your ears, after all if you dont liek the way it sounds you wont enjoy it
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what amp are you using? it'll be useless if your base tone isnt good.
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crybaby is the best wah you can buy

so when did RMC and Fulltone fall off the face of the earth?
try out the crybaby 535Q. i think you could afford it. it's quite versatile and much better than the normal crybaby.
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what amp are you using? it'll be useless if your base tone isnt good.

nope. maybe he wants to have a freaking wah pedal. if he bought a new amp, it wouldnt go "wooooahhhhhh wooooooahhhhhh wah wah wah wah"
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Chea_man is the best.
check out the 535 q as well, it seems like a good buy
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if you find a good deal used, yes its a good investement, if not, its a bit overpriced