I've been watching live performances and in studio recordings of bands and musicians and quite a lot of them are playing on carpets/rugs.

I'm guessing there's a reason for this beyond superficial looks? Could it be to eliminate vibrations or something?
yep. stops the bass vibrateing on the floor, which makes a pretty horrible noise.
also it helps to stop things like drums and cabs from sliding around
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On woodern floors atleast, really heavy guitars sound ****, and drums have to be on a rug/carpet or they slide around.
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Also, there is fewer room reverb, because of the carpets (it mutes the reverb)
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and its a soft place to land when your singer slams a guitar into the back of your head!
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live, or recording?

i've never seen bands play live with carpet down, but my drummer has this friggin huge rubber mat that he rolls down before he sets up to prevent this stuff from sliding around, but that has already been mentioned.
It makes beer spills easier to clean too, just pick up the rug and chuck it in a washing machine.
It also looks freekin cool.
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It also looks freekin cool.

That's true, I did wonder if that was the only reason for having it.
And it has to be a wool or cotton carpet 'cos nylon etc., cause static and you can imagine the rest.
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And it has to be a wool or cotton carpet 'cos nylon etc., cause static and you can imagine the rest.

Actually I can't really imagine the rest. Are you suggesting that a small static charge could actually interfere with the music?

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I saw Joe Walsh in concert a year or so ago and he had his own little oriental rug to stand on. I saw them running cords around it, I suppose they may have used the carpet to cover them, but that'd still be incredibly uncomfortable to stand on, so I don't think so. I think most performers just like them because they're easier to stand on than like wood or concrete or whatever, and they look nice.

I seem to remember a music video by Train from back in the day, where at least the singer is standing on a huge rug and performing.

EDIT: Found the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xXQFnIEf_Q sheesh, there are more rugs on that stage than at an Albanian strip club.
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