I'm looking for an amp that costs between £200-300 and will be gig worthy. I need an amp that can give a good metal tone and a nice warm clean tone. We have covers that include: hand of blood, end of heartache, ex's and oh's etc.

I play a Jackson Warrior XT and a Schecter blackhawk.
I currently have a Marshall MG ( I know dear god for metal?!?!) which can't get the right crunchy sound i want for rhythms and solos. It was my first proper amp and its not until recently that we've started getting serious and have three gigs booked for april!

Any help is really appreciated and if you need any more info just ask.
You might be able to find a b52 AT-112 in that range. Used, maybe new.
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^not available in europe
sell the marshall and buy a Randall RG50TC
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