That is one sexy schecter, if your use to ibanez/jackson necks prepare for a few days of hell before you get use to it.
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much win. regardless of amp. unless it's an mg. then win is greatly reduced.
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Very Nice! I love the Avenger shape and the trans red over the quilt maple top is an amazing finish.

I like the look of it. I wouldn't buy the guitar but I like the way it looks.
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i like the finish and the head stock but not too big of a fan of the body haha.

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that is win. that is ultimate win. get your own pictures up!
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not 100% on the body shape, but very nice anyway. WIN

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nice! not too crazy on the sape, but the finish and hardware are pretty nifty. Also I got my guitar from merchant city. they're pretty cool guys in there.
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did you buy it from Merchant City Music?
if you did you payed £300 more then you would in reverb because they are selling the same guitar for £499. (http://www.reverb-store.co.uk/product-detail.asp?prod=3598) are selling the same guitar for... sorry to ruin you day but very good guitar, i spent an hour playing it in glasgow a few week ago, one of the best guitars you could get for the price
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WIN I like it and it beats the pants off that 1570 on the page. Like to hear how you get on with those pups.
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