My friend is shopping for a new guitar, an upgrade from his rather ****ty Squier Bullet. He asked me a question which I did not know the answer to, so I come to you guys for help.

In order to have a locking tremolo, do you have to have a locking nut?

(I told him "er...I believe so. I could be wrong, though" Kinda makes sense. Wanted to double check, though)
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i would assume that to be true, brands like floyd rose and kahler come equipped with single or double locks on their tremelo's.

i'm pretty sure a vintage style trem like on a strat doesn't come with any sort of lock on the bridge
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its not a requirement but it wont work properly without the locking nut.
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no. But it will probably go out of tune pretty quick even with locking tuners. The actual locking part that is referred to is to do with the bridge entirely.
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some guitars with flyod roses / whammys dont have locking nuts. the new gibson tribal flying v has a floyd rose, but no locking nuts. you dont NEED one. it just keeps the strings in tune - if you whammy a little bit you should be fine, but if you dive bombs with no locking nuts, then prepare for the un-tuning
Bad idea to get a guitar with a floyd without a locknut.
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