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The day finally came when the D string snapped on my acoustic Ibanez, just before recording sessions , and I don't know what kind of strings I should get. The previous ones are "Ibanez Coated Bass Strings", but I can't find a place in Sweden where they sell those.

I like the sound of the bass as it is, so what strings can I get to keep it? Do I need coated strings again? Can I just use regular roundwounds or should I get special acoustic bass strings?
Im pretty sure you can use regular roundwounds....dont quote me on this but I dont see why not. In this case I say go for Roto 77's. If you like the sound of the bass, look for another brand of coated strings.

Check with someone else because im not familiar with acoustic basses.
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Thanks for the tip!

No problem, but take my response with a grain of salt im not familiar with acoustics

I just googled it and apparently they make acoustic bass strings (phosphor bronze) so I would probbably go with them. Were the strings you took off bronze?

If you want some real good strings, get some Thomastik Acousticores, they have a nylon core in them if I remember correctly, they are expensive though.