Ive been playing electric now for about 2 years now and have recently gotten into the idea of getting a nice acoustic to fiddle around with, so I now need help in finding decent acoustic guitars to purchase and want you suggestions
whats your budget?
my buddy has a beautiful parkwood acoustic so maybe take a look at those.
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We will need alot more information than that to be of any help to you.
First, how much money do you have to spend? Is this budget flexible at all? Are you considering gigging with it, or is it purely for your enjoyment? What is your favorite acoustic songs or bands that would would want to play? What type of sound are you going for? Would you prefer a sort of bluesy fingerpicking sound or are you more a "strum and sing" kinda guy?

Alot of it though, is so much personal preference that you will just be best off going to a store and spending hours (days...months) in there playing every single acoustic you have the money for (and some that are more $$ than you have.) Some you will play and think "wow...that sounds like ****" and others you will love the tone but find its a little hard to play. Eventually you will find one that hits you like an epiphany and you go "yep, that's it." That happened to me and my 000-15, but it was way out of my price range, but I saved up FOR AGES until I eventually bought it and I have not resented it at all since.