I'm driving a couple of hours to test and probably buy a new (used) guitar amp. The seller just informed me he couldn't find the power cord. I have a couple of amp cords but I'm not sure if they're right for the amp I might get.

The amp I'm looking at is a Peavey JSX 2x12 tube Combo
My cord is from a Crate 60w tube 1x12 combo.
I also have a cord from a solid-state 50w Line-6 combo

The plugs appear to be the same and are probably standard across amps, but I'm concerned about the cord itself...

The stencilling on the cords is a little different:

The little Line-6 cord says:
I-SHENG (UL) E88265 SJT 75°C 18AWGX3C VW-1

The bigger Crate cord says:
(UL) C(UL) SJT E231455 18AWGX3C VW-1 105°C WING KEI

I see that they're both 18ga, but should the different temperatures concern me? And to those E-designations mean anything important? Keep in mind, the JSX puts out twice the power of my Crate, so I don't want to melt a cord.

Any help?
I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure this will be ok, usually these are standard, so I doubt there will be any problems