I've just purchased a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal from eBay.
I know that this pedal gives heavy distortion.

But my friend is also meant to be selling me his Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal, but I don't know if I really need it now.

What do you think?
I'm played both pedals (own a DS-1) and found they each have their own charms.

The DS-1 is great Marshall-like sound, warm and organic. I've used them mostly for a gain boost along with amp distortion, but they have enough gain to turn a clean sound into a nice, crunchy tone.

The MT-2 is a more focused distortion which is great for metal; think Randall or even a Mesa/Boogie Rectifier type sound. I've never tried it with amp distortion, but I never really thought it needed it; plenty of gain it the little black box. The MT-2 is also great because of the EQ controls which let you dial in the MIDs to taste.

You could always use the DS-1 as a solo boost into the MT-2 or vice-versa. I would try this first and see if you like the sound. For this kind of setup, keep the gain low on the first pedal in the chain.

It really comes down to what sound your going for and if you need variety. Try the pedals out and trust your ears.
MT-2 is not really a good pedal.

The DS-1 has a love/hate relationship with just about everyone. I love mine for doing fuzzy stuff since I lack a fuzz, but probably would not use it for real distortion purposes.
Sell the MT2 and get the DS1 modded.


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Depends what amp you have - the MT2 is pretty crap all round, but the DS1 can come in handy for adding dirt to a half-decent tube amp.

If you're looking for a pedal to use with a modeller or cheap solid state amp, or something to give you a complete tone then don't bother with either of them.
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Well I've got a pretty crap, basic amp and the MT-2 makes it sound amazing...

How much is it to get the DS-1 modded usually?
The MT-2 is something you either like or you hate.... for most beginners' it seems to achieve that br00talz tone.. but its really like a bee in a tin can.

The DS-1 can be nice sounding.. but not heavy enough for a distortion.

However you do not run a DS-1 into an MT-2 or an MT-2 into a DS-1... it'll make babies all over the world cry tears of pain.
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Sell the MT2 and get the DS1 modded.


Keeley modded DS-1's own
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I use the ds-1 with an old marshall LEAD20.With the marshalls pre gain I can get some wicked distortion with a huge frequency range ,I mean the thing screams at me..so I guess that as long as you have a decent amp with good pre gain responce the DS-1 is more than enough..but you still have to really work the strings