Those are my two best genres. I'll be running it through a Peavey Vypyr. MY current axe is an Ibanez RG370DXGP4. NO FLOYD ROSE!!

Price Range=$350-$800
les paul.. i HATE the way the necks connected to the body though... =[ sounds great though. a friend of mine has an alpine white with gold hardware epiphone
strat, jagmaster, sg, semi-hollow body guitars seem to be good too possibly even a tele
Just saw a used SG 800$ black off craigslist. Check eBay or craigslist you can get a nice Gibson or Fender for about 650-800$ which are best for classic rock cuz they're really the only guitars they used.
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Strat or Tele.
It depends on what kind of Classic Rock/Alternative Rock you're talking about.

Mostly high gain- Strat
Mostly clean- Tele
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I am totally GASing for one of these:
Schecter PT
I think that the humbuckers with coil taps give you the best of both worlds tones, and the price is right. Man, I need a new job so I can get me some more gee-tars.
Anyway, if you can find a guitar with coil taps, so you can go from the humbucker to single coil tones, you could cover all the bases with one guitar.
Go with a Strat.
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