i was having a convo with a guy at guitarcenter and he was telling me there reciving a shipment of esps and ltds in the coming weeks.. he also said they might be getting an alexi V.. we were both stumped on what tuning its going to come in.. because bodom is D and drop C... and if u look at lets say the dude from machine head phil something.. his sig comes standard in drop B.. so yeah for anyone who knows or who has one help me out
It's most likely Standard E unless specified by ESP/LTD.
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i dont know what its meant to be tuned in but i imagine it will come out of tune.

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it comes in standard tuning
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since when does guitar center sell esp?

i think they just started a few weeks ago
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since when does guitar center sell esp?

not long ago
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almost all guitars will be somewhere near standard E, we all know they wont be spot on unless someone there tunes it up, and GC started selling esp a couple weeks ago, my friend is asst. manager of one by my house. i love using his employee discount
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