I have a Marshall 8100 for sale or trade. That Marshall 8100 was the amp that Chuck Schuldiner used for the recording of The Sound of Perseverence and the subsequent tours and In Flames used to record The Jester Race, so you know it's a pretty beefy amp. It has been gigged a few times and has a little wear and tear, but nothing that affects tone. The Reverb tank was taken out before i got it, but that will be included in the purchase. I would like to get $350, as thats what they usually for for used on ebay. Also, if you would like to trade, I'm looking for an amp that can do Melo-death, Tech-Death, Cleans and such. May also consider other stuff. Thanks for looking
I want something smaller, really. I love this amp but I'm going to college next year, and my band broke up, so it's kind of overkill for my lil house..