Im looking to buy a new effects pedal for cheap but still sounds good when playing live with my band. i was wondering if this Zoom pedal was any good

ZOOM GFX-1 Programmable Guitar Effects Processor

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That looks like something I have never seen before? Is it an old pedal? I have a GFX-5, and it def gives you a lot of bang for your buck live.

How much are you planning on spending??
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I've got one, had it for 6 years now. I bought it for £100 brand new.

I like it alot. I used it while i was a beginner, to find out what kinda sounds and tones I like most. I still use it now, but only to add slight colour to my tone, through subtle delays and chorus and stuff.

The distortions on it aren't that good though, hence why I use it for modulation effects.

For the money, its a really good pedal. I totally reccomend it if you are a beginner, but I'd advise you to get a seperate pedal for distortion or overdrive.

Any more questons, i'd be happy to answer
sweet, thats good to know, you answered another one of my questions which was how durable it is, 6 years is a long time. What kind of distrotion pedal goes good with it?
I use my amps distortion now, just a light crunch, so i dont really know that muich about distortion pedals. What kinda music will you be playing?
we play mostly rock, some heavy some light so i was thinking like a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion, but the amp i have right now doesn't have great distortion. its a old Peavey Bandit 65