Pretty much what the title says. I've been using this service provider called Helio (which is now Virgin Mobile since it was bought out) for over a year and my contract is up in a couple weeks. My question now is what provider to use? Of course i'm doing as much research as I can on what would be a good deal, but i'm just wondering what you guys use? What phones do you guys have? Explain any good points/bad points to your providers or phones. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

and my monthly bill for Helio was 100 USD for everything included. Calls, texts, internet. Something around that price range would be nice. As for the phone, any price is welcome.
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Why not re-sign with Virgin Mobile?

It's terrible. I really don't like what they have to offer or their customer care. I'd rather just switch to someone else and save the trouble of having to deal with them again.
you spend $100 a month? thats rather extortionate in my opinion
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verizon, i have a cheap LG phone but it stays alive for days. i dont use internet but i have unlimited txting and my bill is about 40 bucks a month
My Sprint plan gets half that price for that.
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