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Quick Question...

In my build, i decided to only use one bridge pickup, the DiMarzio DP152 Super 3, instead of dual humbuckers with three way switch. Now my question is should i install a Volume knob, or tone knob, or both. i am planning to install a kill switch also, so i was thinking tone, but then again i don't use the tone knob that much. any opinions?
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I prefer both, but if you can have only one knob, you should check which one you use the most. (and a killswitch doesn't quite replace a volume knob, as it has to be pressed all the time for silence. A standby switch does replace the volume knob.
you kind of always need a volume knob...
standby switch doesnt replace a volume knob, you can change all the dynamics of your gain and tone using a volume knob at different settings, i'd say both just for versatility but also maybe add a "solo on" switch which bypasses both the pots so you dont get any of the tone of volume loss from the pots even when on 10.
Uhhh... both. Why sacrifice functionality?
Simplicity is nice, but it's a lot nicer not to look back and wish that you hadn't intentionally left out the volume knob when you were designing the guitar.
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I like that bypass idea. You'd get a result similar to that of a strats humbucker. Since I'm pretty sure that only the middle and the neck pickup of a strat goes through the tone knobs and the bridge pickup goes right into the volume knob.

Actually. I think I'm gonna do this on my guitar. Technically it would double as a simple killswitch, tone modifier. You could turn the volume pot to 0 and then bypass it with a dpdt switch and have the output go right into the jack, and then switch it and have it go through the knobs...

****. Thats actually a really good idea.
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