I just bought a B-52 PS-100 amp head with a 4x12 Mesa cabinet. The salesman gave me one speaker cable to use to hook it up but I've always used two cables on the amps I've used before. The amp head has two plug ins, 4 ohms minimum impedance on both of them. The Mesa cabinet has 4 plug ins, an 8-ohm input, an output, and 2 4 ohms split for stereo or bi amp plug ins. I currently have the speaker cable from one of the 4-ohms plug ins on the head to the 8-ohm input.
Is this the right way to plug this amp in?
That sexy mesa will sound buetiful even if you plug it into a steaming mud monkey
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impedance should always match, you can cause serious damage to the OT otherwise.
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i don't see a question about a mesa amp?
I am having a hard time deciphering your post. Are you saying you have the cable plugged into the 4ohm output on the head into the 8ohm input on the cab? If so, that shouldn't hurt anything, but is there an 8ohm output on the head you can use, or a 4ohm input on the cab? Try to match them when possible, and never hook up an amp to a cab with a lower number.