So I;m learning Anthem (We are the Fire) by Trivium.

So far everything in that song has come relatively easy to me.

But I'm trying to learn the solo and I can't get the very first ascending part.

Not that I can't play it but it's that it doesn't sound quite right with the tab I'm using. Just want to know what is a tab that has it tabbed out PERFECTLY. Preferred if it were GP or PT.

I;m using the first 5* GP tab.
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Though, I believe the first half of the run is minor, not major. Haven't listened to the song in an eternity so I can't remember.

The whole intro run, minus the bends, is just 16ths (or 32nds, whatever the tempo is ).
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If it doesn't sound "quite" right, why don't you just fiddle around with it until it does sound right? take small steps to weaning yourself off tabs, it can be pretty beneficial.