I got this amp in august of last year, the 2x12 version, and I've already had it sent in to be fixed once, and I guess it didn't help. Here's the problem: when I play loud, which I often do, because I play alot of metal, the amp will sometimes switch channel to the dirty channel, but it doesn't stay there, it goes back and forth rapidly between the two channels. When I got it 'fixed' they said they had found the problem and had replaced the part, but it keeps doing the same thing. If it's any help, I use my boss distortion pedal in front of it, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Has anyone ever had similar problems, and if you did, did you find any solutions? Or do I just have a lemon? I did get a replacement amp that didn't have the same problem, but even as the same model, it wasn't nearly as loud. Thanks for your help.

tl;dr- amp switches channels when it's loud, got it fixed but it still does the same thing. anyone had a similar problem/found a solution?
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Had exactly the same problem with a hot rod deluxe. Brought it to a shop, they replaced sth now it works good again. This was like 6 years ago, no problems since. Maybe you have to have someone fix it again.

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