I'd like to play a QOTSA song with my friends. My drummer friend thinks they suck, so I figured if those of you who know anything about drums, could give him a pretty technical but still one of their catchier songs, that would be awesome. My friends playing level is such: He can nearly play Judith by APC at 95% accuracy. And he's working on Schism by Tool but has only gotten to the interlude, and can't do the end.
He plays RATMachine very well, and can do Sober by Tool pretty well too.

Probably something out of:
No One Knows,
Go W/ The Flow,
First It Giveth,
Hangin Tree,
Burn The Witch,
Little Sister,
Turnin On the Screw,
Sick, Sick, Sick
I'm Designer
3's and 7's
Run Pig Run