So Missouri just got hit by some rain and its freezing outside, so that made a quarter inch of ice on the streets, now its snowing. Its the end of March. Huh. It was hot here a few days ago. Anybody else getting snow? What should I do on this fine day?
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It was spring here too for a few days then it snowed a bit. Now the snow has melted but still more is expected.

Seems mother nature is on her period.
Aye, we're getting a nice bit of snow here in KC. It's effing ridiculous. I rained all night and all morning, and now it's all freezing and being covered by the snow. I'm not looking forward to the drive to and from work today...


Oh wow, you're in Lee's Summit. Yeah we're getting pretty much the exact same thing.
We've had Spring-weather for a couple of weeks, though the temperature has fluctuated between 30 F and 60 F. The weather men say it's supposed to rain tonight and snow tomorrow, and possibly snow the middle of next week as well.

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same thing here in Winnipeg. Got freezing rain for a day, then it snowed about a foot. Really sucks.
We just got about 2 feet of snow at Snoqualmie Pass here in WA. That's pretty high up though.
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yeah, we have snow too. Insane. Its not really settling though.
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its The Day After Tomorrow! We are doomed!

No it's not, it's still today.
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same thing here in Winnipeg. Got freezing rain for a day, then it snowed about a foot. Really sucks.

I'm in Winnipeg too, it blows monkey dick..... I can't even open the window in my room cause its frozen shut
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Oh really? It's 0 degrees here and it is supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow!