Im sure theres probably a million threads on this already but whats your favourite horror movie?
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Last night I saw Haunting in Connecticut, I thought that was damn good.


it looks terrible.
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Was waiting for ages for the penis.

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Phantasm is pretty good. Check it out.
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last night, i saw a film.....

but yeah, i've always liked "dragonfly" although it isnt the most horror of the horror films.

As I recall it was a horror film...

Anyway... I live in fear of seeing Twilight again.
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I love horror films, but there seems to be alot of crap out there. I can't sit through some old zombie film all about gore, or some new Americanized film with killers and teenagers.

I thought House of 1000 Corpses was pretty decent though, and Saw for recentish films. Didn't like Saw II much, then didn't bother with the rest.

Silence of the Lambs. I hear everyone say its so good. But I never got past the first half hour, its sooo boring!!

The Grudge was a cool concept (I like the Japanese oen alot more) the noise freaks me out.

I think for my favourite though, The Shining takes it. Great acting and plot.
It depends on my mood.

If I'm in an AMERICAN mood , I love gorefests like Dead Alive or something like that.

If I'm in my usual reclusive mood, I like the psychological horror movies.
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